3D/4D Scan


A 3D/4D scan is more detailed and revealing than a 2D scan. You will experience an intimate look at your baby and see his or her facial expressions. 
You will get a glance of your baby’s life and movements  in the uterus.  
To achieve the best images, there must be sufficient amniotic fluid in front of the part that we wish to visualize. It is possible to perform a 3D/4D scan at any time in the pregnancy, however we recommend that it is done between 24-29 weeks if this is your first pregnancy. If this is not your first pregnancy, it may be possible up to week 34. If you are expecting twins, we recommend no later than 28 weeks.
A 3D/4D scan usually takes 45 minutes. This includes the scan, burning of a DVD, printing of pictures and an optional USB with extra pictures.
If you wish to buy a USB with extra pictures, please inform the sonographer prior to the scan.





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