Morning Sickness

Multiple studies show that acupuncture is a harmless and very efficient treatment for morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum).
In most cases it only takes a couple of treatments before you feel significant improvement. In some cases the morning sickness disappears all together and in most cases you can keep it on an acceptable level with regular treatment. 

Pain Relief

During a pregnancy the bady undergoes a marvelous change. For some it is a wonderful experience but for others it can be a time associated with discomfort and sometimes even pain. Acupuncture has shown to be an efficient treatment and relief of this discomfort. This may include pelvic pains, edema, disturbance of the senses in arms and legs due to access fluid in the joints and many other conditions that may occur during pregnancy.   


Especially in connection with insemination acupuncture may have a soothing and relaxing effect in a situation many find stressful. 

Smoking Cessation

It is never too late to change your lifestyle and acquire new and healthier habits. Acupuncture can be a good support when you wish to quit smoking. It has a positive effect on the nicotine dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Whether you are pregnant or not. 

Fertility Treatment

irregular menstruation and infertility can in many cases be helped by acupuncture. In connection with the insemination we recommend acupuncture as this has shown to increase the rate of success. 
No matter what your problem is, we can try to help you find a solution. In more complex situations we will refer you to our local acupuncture clinic 

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