After the insemination


After the sperm has been placed inside your uterus, you can resume all normal activities.
Sperm washing before the insemination removes most of the bacteria and antibodies from the ejaculate, but neither the sperm nor the cervix can be totally sterilized. There is always the slight chance that an insemination could produce an infection in the uterus.
Symptoms of an infection include lower abdominal pain, fever, vaginal discharge or continued vaginal bleeding or spotting. Should you experience any signs of infection, you should seek medical ward.

Pregnancy test

You can take a pregnancy test, if you haven’t had your menstruation 14-16 days after the insemination. 
As soon as you know the result af the insemination, you must contact us and let us know. We are obliged by law to report all usage of sperm to the spermbank and all pregnancies to the Danish National Board of Health. This is to limit the usage of each donor. 
Please note that if you have taken an ovulation injection prior to the insemination, this may lead to a false positive pregnancy test if you test too soon.
If your menstruation is different than usual, please bear in mind, that you may be pregnant even though you have had a menstrual like bleeding. 







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