Prior to the insemination, you must have a consultation with one of the midwives at Gaia Pregnancy Clinic.
This consultation may take place at the clinic, by phone or via Skype. We will send you a journal, which you must fill out and return to us. 
The consultation may take place even if you haven’t had the exams mentioned in the information done. However we must have the results of the tests before we can inseminate you.
The consultation is noncommittal and is based on you and your wishes of motherhood. Our goal with the consultation is to help you to optimize your chances of pregnancy. 
We will guide you in the usage of ovulation tests in order to find the optimal time for insemination and explain the process
We will have a talk about parenthood and the ethical aspects of becoming a parent to a donor child. 
We can also help you find out if an open ID or anonymous donor is the right choice for you. 
You can use us to clarify any dilemmas or aspects of your foundations. When you have had the consultation, it is up to you to decide if and when to proceed with the insemination. 









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