At Gaia we buy donor sperm from spermbanks approved by the Danish National Board of Health.
All donors are screened for sexual transmitted diseases and genetic disorders accordingly to Danish law. All donors must be young, healthy and have excellent sperm quality. Most of the donors are Scandinavian and university students. We always aim to have a broad selection of donors in stock.
You can choose amongst these criteria:
Eye color
Hair color
Education or profession
Blood type 
If you wish to use a specific donor, which you have found on the sperm bank’s website, you must order the sperm yourself directly from the sperm bank and have it sent to the clinic. 

Anonymous or open ID donor

There is no right or wrong regarding choice of donor. However it is important that you carefully consider which donor to use. Image what consequence your choice of donor will have not only for you but also your future child.

Anonymous donor.

Choosing an anonymous donor means, that neither the child nor the parents under any circumstances will have the opportunity to learn anything about the donor’s identity.
The donor has the right to anonymity.

Open ID donor

Choosing an open ID donor means that the child will have the opportunity to learn the donors identity, when the child is 18 years old. You as a parent do not have legal rights to obtain this information. And should the donor decease before the child is 18, all information will be confidential and the child will have no possibility to obtain it. There can only be direct contact from the child to the donor. Not the other way around

Extended Profile.

The spermbanks offer extended profiles to their costumers. You can read more about this service on the spermbank's website.








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