Harmony Prenatal Test  

Gaia Pregnancy Clinic offers in cooperation with Ariosa Diagnostics the Harmony Prenatal Test.
The Harmony Prenatal Test is a non invasive blood test for trisomies 21 (Down syndrome), 18, and 13 that delivers accurate results from as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy from the maternal blood.
If you wish so, it is also possible to learn the sex of the fetus.
The test has a higher detection rate than the current nuchal scan and double test, which is offered in the public sector.
You can choose to have the blood sample from the 10th gestation week prior to the nuchal scan or subsequently, if the nuchal scan shows an increased risk of chromosome abnormalities and you do not want an invasive test, ie placenta biopsy or amniocentesis, as these may be associated with increased risk of miscarriage.
Test results are usually reported to Gaia in 7-10 business days or less. We will contact you by telephone and subsequently you will receive a reply via email with the full report.
Price 5000, - kr including genetic counseling and a viability scan to determine the gestational age.

You can read more about Harmony Prenatal Test on the Ariosa website her.




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