At Gaia Pregnancy Clinic we wish to create a comfortable and relaxing environment to ensure a good experience for you. You may bring as many with you as you wish and siblings are of course also welcome. If you bring a smaller child we recommend that there is an adult, who can take care of the child, as smaller children often get bored quickly.  
All our scans include pictures and the 3D/4D also comes with a DVD of the whole scan. 
Extra DVD and USB with pictures in JPEG format is optional to all scans. Just let us know before we begin scanning.
We take great pride in our professional competence. You will therefore only meet highly educated staff, certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation, DSOG and Danish National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen).
On rare occasions an ultrasound may reveal a need for extended examinations or treatment. In which case we refer you to your physician or hospital. 
Unfortunately it is not possible to see everything in an ultrasound, but most children are fortunately born healthy. 
We will do our very best to achieve the best result, but sometimes there can be circumstances that make it impossible to achieve perfect 3D images despite our efforts.
The amount of amniotic fluid, the baby’s position, the location of the placenta and umbilical cord and maternal overweight, may influence on the quality of the images.
However we always offer one complimentary rescan.
We are not satisfied until you are.         



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